We are Pasozebra

PASOZEBRA is a creative studio dedicated to info-graphic animation with an international projection. Pasozebra consists of a recognized group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in 3D animation.

We develop all kind of productions for cinema and TV: commercials, series, short films, feature films, headers, special effects… Our specialty is character design for brands, visual concept and 3D cartoon or real industrial development, including 3D integration. We always work with the best worldwide professionals and the most advanced 3D technology.



Ideas are very important for Pasozebra. The foundations of a large project depend on the moment when the original idea is created. It’s worth devoting every effort to define the briefing, because this is the guarantee of success.



An idea is nothing without a good design; realization of concepts and production, provided the artistic and technical edge, and closely linked to the needs of the project to enhance its ability to communicate.



There is no idea or design that is not dependent on a good development process. Production and diversity of our international technical and artistic teams must be perfectly synchronized for optimum result within the agreed deadlines.